Afternoon Kids

Learn to swim classes 3:30pm

School age children and squads

Minnow, Octopus, Frogs & Sharks 30 min class

Private classes on request.

Baby classes begin from 6 months of age.

Learn to Swim available from 2.5 years.

  • Preschool ages 6 months to 5 years
  • Learn to Swim – Starfish and Minnows 30 min class
  • Parents and Babies 30 min class
  • Toddler and Parent classes 30min class
  • Aqua aerobics class 60 minute Summer months only.
  • Lap Swimming 9am till 10am Monday Wednesday and Friday
  • Public walking 10am till 11am Monday Wednesday and Friday
  • Public lap swimming hours may change in winter periods

Term bookings

1st Child $16.00 per class / $160 per term

2nd Child $15.50 per class / $155 per term

3rd Child $15.00 per class / $150 per term

4 or more children in learn to swim receive a family discount of 5% per term. Please notify reception to set up Family discount.

This offer only applies to learn to swim and babies classes.

Family quotes are also available to help large families of 4 or more.

Free assessments for all learn to swim classes.

Babies and Toddlers from 6 months of age. These classes are great to socialise with your baby, meet other parents and enjoy bonding time while your child will learn water confidence and have fun at the same time. Term bookings required for all babies classes.

A deposit is required to make any bookings in learn to swim classes. Unfortunately we are not able to hold classes without paying a deposit.