Silver & Gold Squads

Improving endurance and refining stroke techniques in all strokes so swimmers can compete confidently at school and carnival level.

Whether you are swimming in still water, surf life saving or general swimming, fitness for silver and gold squads, this will increase your swimming fitness and ability.

Squads are enrolled in monthly memberships and are not refundable or transferable if you are not able to attend.

Active Kids Vouchers can be used for 2 month memberships (conditions apply).

Gold, Silver, Bronze Squads
1 session per week $17.00 per child
2 sessions per week $27.00 per child
3 sessions per week $33.00 per child
4 sessions per week $35.50 per child
Squads are booked and paid for in blocks 5 weeks in advance.

Monday – Friday
MONTHLY ENROL $60 per month per child

Click here to submit a enrolment application. (Please note: All classes, sessions, squads are paid for up front.)