Terms & Conditions



To provide access to affordable, professional swimming lessons to all families. All teachers are professional and fully trained in our swimming programs. We offer a centre that grows with your family from parents and bubs classes, learn to swim, stroke correction through to, junior and senior competitive squads. A level of excellence is aimed for by our highly qualified Instructors and Coaches to build safe, strong, competitive swimmers in a fun, family friendly environment.

CLASS BOOKINGS                                                                                                                                       

All new enrolments must be made through our website, you will be asked to read all terms and conditions and only submit an enrolment to attend our centre when you are ready to start and agree to the terms and conditions. By accepting a position in any of our classes, and you agree to all terms and conditions in this document.

  1. When confirming your booking we will offer you a class day and time. If you accept our offer verbally and pay a deposit, you are entering into a contract with Wyee Point Swim Centre including all applicable terms and conditions and fees advertised on our web page.
  2. A contract to pay full fees is entered into by any adult who willingly provides person details to us for any child’s enrolment and accepts a position in any of our programs.
  3. If you decide to do a different sport/activity that clashes with your booking, we will not refund any fees paid.
  4. You will need to rebook a class at the end of each term if you wish to return. You will be advised when the rebooking is open and when this period closes. No enrolment will be renewed until a deposit or fees are paid.
  5. We will give you a 7-day cooling off period for your booking. After this period has expired, your deposit will be forfeited. If you have missed a scheduled swimming lesson during this cooling off period these fees will be deducted from your deposit.
  6. No fees will be refunded after the cooling off period has expired for any booked activity at Wyee point Swim Centre.
  7. We do ask that if you are not sure about any of our terms or conditions that you contact us for clarification as soon as you have any questions. Wyee Point Swim Centre will not take responsibility or refund fees if you have not read or understood the terms and conditions before booking your child into swimming classes.
  8. If fees are not paid on time, we will add a late fee for every week the fees are overdue. If you do not pay all fees due in relation to your booking, we reserve the right to send any overdue account to a debt collector at your expense.
  9. Please contact us by email if you have any concerns about any program you have booked into info@wyeepoint.com.au
  10. We are a privately owned and operated swim school we receive no council or government funding all fees must be paid to cover all running cost of this swim school and its facility.


All Learn to swim classes include: Jelly Fish Star fish, Minnows, Sea Horse, Octopus, Frogs, Sharks, and Dolphins are booked and paid for in term blocks approximately 10 weeks.

  1. All enrolments are for term periods approximately 10 weeks.
  2. Any remaining term fees must be paid in full before the second week of term.
  3. Fees must be paid upfront if starting swimming after term has commenced. Fees will be charged at pro-rata rate.
  4. You must rebook at the end of every term to continue the next term.
  5. Please read our refund and sickness policy contained in this document.
  6. You have a 7-day cooling off period from time of booking, after this time no fees will be refunded. Any classes attended or not attended during the cooling off period will not be refunded.
  7. The pool will only open 10mins before the first class of the session, please wait in cars for staff to arrive.


  1. All enrolments are for term periods approximately 10 weeks.
  2. Any remaining term fees must be paid in full before you second lesson.
  3. Fees are due up front if booking after term has commenced.
  4. You must rebook at the end of every term to continue the next term.
  5. Please read our refund and sickness policy contained in this document.
  6. You have a 7-day cooling off period from time of booking, after this time no fees will be refunded. Any classes attended or not attended during the cooling off period will not be refunded.
  7. The pool will only open 10mins before the first class of the session, please wait in cars for staff to arrive.
  8. If you have notified us that your child will not attend via the simplyPortal app with two hours minimum notice and email a doctor’s certificate to us within 24 hours of your missed class, we will credit this missed class to your account. Conditions apply (Baby and Toddler classes only). Maximum two credits per term, no refund available for swim account credit.


  1. All squad training is booked and paid for in advance in blocks of 4 or 5 weeks.
  2. To continue your enrollment in squad training, your fees must be paid in advance one week before the current squad training block ends. If squad training fees are not paid or, you do not contact us, we will end your current squad training booking.
  3. It’s up to you to keep your booking active with us.
  4. Squad times may change during school holidays. If you do not attend squads in holidays, we are not obligated to hold any current squad bookings.
  5. We will not refund or credit any remainder of fees if you are no longer able to attend for any reason during month period.
  6. Squad training is a separate program to the learn to swim program at Wyee Point Swim Centre.
  7. Your child will require to bring their own equipment to squad training. Flippers are a must for bronze level and higher squads. Senior squads will require a pull boy, hand paddles. A Tempo trainer and snorkel are optional. Water must also be brought to all squad training.


(Learn to swim, Baby lessons, and Squad included)

  1. To be eligible for a make up the student needs to be currently enrolled, fees need to be up to date and a minimum of 2 hours before start time is required.
  2. You will need to go to your app store or google and download the SimplyPortal app.
  3. Please search for Wyee Point Swim Centre b110705. Then use your email to log in.
  4. Most classes are normally fully booked, so a makeup only becomes available when a child has notified, they are not attending a swimming lesson or squad session.
  5. The portal should only be used if you are sick for one or two classes. Please ask desk for squad make up policy if required.
  6. Make ups are for illness, we are not able to guarantee a suitable make up class will be available if you are not able to attend your normal swimming lesson or squad training.
  7. The best time to check if a makeup is available is from 8am if attending morning classes or from 3pm if attending afternoon classes.
  8. You may need to keep checking the app more than once to find a suitable makeup.
  9. Make ups can be transferred between siblings, please contact us to make any changes.
  10. You may need to attend makeups on different days if you have more than one child.
  11. Make ups cannot be changed or moved once they are booked, please note if you are unable to attend your booked makeup you will forfeit the lesson.
  12. No other extra-curricular activities offer the privilege of make ups including dancing, football, netball, or Music classes.
  13. Wyee Point Swim Centre is not liable for changes to your personal schedules.
  14. Makeup lessons cannot be used as credit for the next terms lessons fees, and makeups will not be refunded. 


  1. All learn to swim classes will run in line with public school terms.
  2. If you are going on holidays during the term and still wish to enrol all fees need to be paid and up to date.
  3. Make ups will need to be organised through the customer portal app SimplyPortal. If going on holiday during swimming term or squad block.
  4. If your fees are up to date makeups can be booked before you go on holidays.
  5. If your fees are outstanding no makeup classes can be booked.
  6. Sickness, please download and use the App Simply Portal to notify your child is sick. (see make up Procedure)
  7. If your child cannot swim for more than 3 weeks, example has broken arm or surgery, please email us as soon as possible info@wyeepointsc.com.au
  8. We have a long-term sickness policy available. We will send you this so you can see your options.
  9. We are not able to hold and restart your enrolment for the next term.
  10. We will email you the long-term sickness options when you provide a doctor’s certificate to us.
  11. Any fees are still payable until we receive a certificate.
  12. We understand children may be on waiting lists for procedures, please advise before booking your class so we can decide if we are able to fit your booking in at this time. If we do not know we are not able to recredit any fees.


  1. In the event the pool needs to close we will send a text message through our simply swim program.
  2. We will also send a text if a lesson is cancelled due to staff sickness.
  3. Please ensure your mobile and emails are up to date. You can change these any time on the SimplyPortal App.
  4. If we must cancel any class, we will credit your account. You must email us for refund if required.
  5. During holiday periods the office will be closed, emails may not be attended to till the office opens.


  1. No Swimming lessons or Squads will run on public holidays.
  2. Please check your lesson dates on SimplyPortal App if unsure, office will be closed during holidays.
  3. Swimming lessons will not be run during school holidays.
  4. Squad swimming will be available in school holidays but times and days available are subject to change we encourage our competitive swimmers and school swimmers to keep swimming for better performance outcomes.


We ask you to think carefully about your booking and your availability to attend all classes.

  1. You have a 7-day cooling off period with any new booking within our programs.
  2. Once the 7-day cooling off period is complete no fees will be refunded.
  3. Fees are not transferable to another child, or family member.
  4. Wyee Point Swim Centre will not be held responsible or refund classes that are not attended for reasons we have no control over, this includes but not limited to changing your mind, other sport enrolments during swimming term, educations, music classes, car problems, missed public transport or changes to personal circumstances.
  5. If you pay your deposit for a term or class and are not satisfied with the lessons during this period, you must contact us by email so we can find a reasonable solution or offer an alternative class.
  6. Long term absence 3 weeks or more caused by exceptional sickness circumstances. You must contact us by email, and we will provide the long-term sickness policy to view options available.
  7. Active Kids vouchers cannot be re credited for the next term due to illness.


Adult supervision is always required while in our Centre.

  1. Please supervise and encourage your children to follow the class rules during their swimming lesson.
  2. Our teachers are focused on teaching we have no child-minding facility at the pool.
  3. Dangerous or aggressive behaviour will not be tolerated, and a child will be asked to leave the class.
  4. Parents must be ready to supervise children when their class has finished.
  5. Children are not allowed in the carpark or outside the swim centre without direct parental supervision. This includes the outdoor cement area.
  6. Wyee Point Swim Centre takes no responsibility for children that are left unsupervised.
  7. There is no swimming allowed before or after lessons.


  1. We have a State-of-the-Art filtration and secondary sanitation system including ozone and UV lights. This ensures a high level of water quality and compliance with NSW Health regulations. Please do not attend the pool if your child has diarrhoea or has had diarrhoea in the past 48 hours as this is a NSW Heath Policy.
  2. All children who are under 3 or are not completely toilet trained are required to wear a firmly fitting swimwear over the top of a disposable aqua nappy. Lots of babies wear the full sun suits over the nappy.
  3. Children are encouraged to wear swim caps to reduce hair in the pool.
  4. If your child does not attend a lesson with the correct swimwear/goggles, they will be refused entry into the water and no refund will be given for the class.
  5. Both policies are in place to ensure that we continue to have the highest possible quality pool water.
  6. Goggles will not be available to borrow at Reception due to health regulations there are a variety of goggles available to purchase at Reception if required. Please pack a swim bag to bring to the pool every week.


  1. We reserve the right to amend and update our policies when required term new terms will be implemented at start of new booking periods if practical.