Dynamic stretching and dry land work out

Hey guys, I hope you are all going ok?

I have attached a YouTube link that has some great warm up Dynamic stretches and work for you guys to do to maintain your fitness and motivation during the break.

For best results doing this type of workout three times a week will help you when we return to swimming, start slowly and do less repetitions, and sets then build up over a few weeks. Hopefully you can find a railing to do some of the pull up work. I do have some resistance bands that I can sell they are the ones the physios give for strengthening/resistance exercises, to purchase these give me a call 0407439619, or at Wyee Point Swim Centre: 43591502  ($3-$3.50/mt).

Aerobic fitness will still need to be maintained while you are out of the water. Walking, running and bike riding are outdoor exercises that are permitted at this stage of the restrictions. Treadmill, exercise bike or rowing machine are indoor alternatives so you wont miss out even if it is raining.

Don’t try and start doing 6 sessions a week straight off the bat- we do not want to kill you! You need to start at your level, if you have not been doing any (or very little exercise) since we stopped swimming then start off doing 1x dynamic stretching exercises and 1-3 aerobic 40-60 minute exercise session a week and then build this up over 4 – 8 weeks to at least 3 sessions of each/week. As it advises in the video increase your repetitions and your sets as you get fitter and stronger.


Week 1 –  Dry land work out Monday , 50 minute walk Thursday.

Week 2 – Dry land work out Monday and Friday, Walking Wednesday.

Week 3 – Dry land work out Monday, Wednesday and Friday, Walking 60 mins Thursday.

Week 4-  Dry land work out Monday, Wednesday and Friday, Walking Tuesday and Thursday.

Week 5 – Dry land Monday, Wednesday and Friday Walking Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

If you choose you can stay on a certain week for longer e.g do week 1 for 2 weeks.

Once this becomes a little easier you can add some running to keep increasing your fitness walk 3 for 3 block run for one and build this up. Only run if you are able and have no injuries that you will aggravate.

Your heart rate needs to be about 75% of your maximum. so your pulse needs to be between 140 -160 beats per minute you can check this on a smart watch. If no smart watch is available then understand you should be puffing and sweating at the end.

Dry land exercises always important even once the pool sessions recommence. If you missed your training session at the pool you could do your dry land exercises to replace the pool session to improve endurance, strength and fitness levels BUT this is not an excuse to skip your squad sessions.

If you stop completely for a long period over 6 weeks you are going to find it hard when you restart but even though its hard you will feel better after exercising. Keep the sessions short when starting so you are not too sore to do a second session in the same week.

I will keep looking online for workouts and share them with you all. Please share your workouts on our Facebook page or if not comfortable with that private inbox or messages. Feel free to contact me and I would love to hear from you all, Gaz.

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